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To purchase credits, we offer following options. We accept US Dollar, Great Britain Pound and Euro currencies. Player can carry out transactions using any of these currencies. Also, the settlement for each transaction shall be in the same currency in which the transaction is carried out.

CasinoLaVegas.com offers deposits through the use of Credit Cards (Visa, Mastercard and Euro Card) using E-Commerce Services UK. In order to make a Deposit to your CasinoLaVegas Account, you must be registered as a real money user. If you already have a CasinoLaVegas Real Money Account please go to the Bank and then click on deposit.

You will see a form with the E Commerce Services UK (provider of e-cash and credit card processing services for CasinoLaVegas) logo. Enter the requested information in the online form carefully and then press submit button. You will receive a transaction number for your deposit and your deposit will be processed instantly. Upon approval of your Deposit, the funds will be credited to your CasinoLaVegas account and you may immediately login to the Casino and enjoy the world's premier online casino games. All withdrawals are processed within 24 hours with exception of Saturday, Sunday and holidays. After the transaction is approved by our teller, it will be added to your Credit Card balance immediately, up to the recent amount deposited. For every deposit CasinoLaVegas requires the right to request client to sign and fax credit card authorization form at any time. CasinoLaVegas may request a player to send a copy of his/her credit card and valid identification in case of any discrepancy via e-mail or fax (International: +91-265-2344377).

All confidential credit card information provided by the player is secured in 128 bit key encryption to ensure confidentiality and high level of security for the players. This encryption length is immensely difficult to break offering maximum security. Besides, our servers are under continuous surveillance and accessed by licensed staff member to ensure high security.

When you deposit money to CasinoLaVegas.com account or Cashout money to your account, the bill descriptor shall bear the name "CasinoLaVegas.com +91-265-2339289" on your Credit Card Statement.

Financial transactions will be done through Ace Inter-Active Company (UK) Limited, a parent company of CasinoLaVegas.com.

NETeller clients have access to their account at any time, from any place, to make deposits, transfers and withdrawals. They will also receive 24/7 customer service by phone and email for any problems they may have with their account.

NETeller has several deposit and withdrawal options for its' clients, including credit cards and direct access to their bank account with Electronic Funds Transfer. Clients can also receive funds from a friend or relative through the NETeller System.

If the client wishes to withdraw funds from his NETeller account, NETeller will have the money in the client's hands between 24 to 48 hours. Once any credit card deposits have been credited back, the client can then withdraw the remaining funds through any of our other methods.

Send Money Instantly From Your Bank Account With Instacash by NETeller.

InstaCASH is the fastest and most secure way to transfer money from your bank account to an online merchant. You don't need a special bank account - any valid checking account will work.

instaCA$H is an Instant EFT
Transfers to or from your bank account are called EFTs, or Electronic Funds Transfers. Like using a cheque, when you request an EFT, it typically takes between 4-5 business days for the transaction to clear* before you can access the money in your account. Getting instaCASH, on the other hand, is like using a debit card - the funds are debited from your bank account and are credited to your NETeller account instantly. You can then immediately transfer to the online merchant or individual NETeller member of your choice.

* a transaction is considered 'cleared' when NETeller receives notification from the transaction processor that the funds you have transferred now appear in our account.