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To get specified combination of objects given on the super 7 multiple slot machine.

Super 7 slot machines are simple to play and give the most generous payouts on the internet casino. Player can bet anywhere from $0.25 to $5. Jackpot pays 600 times amount betted by player.

The amount BET and WON can be seen on the machine besides the total credit amount available with the player.

After selecting the basic amount by + or - , Select the BET amount by clicking BET ONE [till maximum of $5] and SPIN the slot drum. After first round, HOLD any or all of objects and SPIN again.

The player may directly select BET MAX and the drum start spinning and after first round, HOLD any or all of objects and SPIN again.

DISCONNECT helps the player to discontinue playing temporarily. We recommend players to DISCONNECT every time they leave their game when they play in REAL MODE.

EXIT helps the player to quit the game.

Payout are as per table besides the machine.